What to Expect

What to Expect

Here at Calvary, we are more than just a little country church; we are a little country church with BIG, friendly and worshipful hearts. We strive to have a friendly God reverencing attitude toward anyone who should walk through our doors. It is a desire of ours to make all who come to Calvary feel welcome and loved. If you come and someone doesn’t greet you with a smile and a handshake, you are probably in the wrong place. Calvary is truly a church where it doesn’t take long for a friend to become like family.


Sunday School

On Sunday morning, our Sunday School begins at 10:00 AM in the main sanctuary with a devotional, we then dismiss to class. We have classes for all ages and a nursery for children under 2 years of age.


Sunday Morning

Our Sunday Morning Worship service begins at 11:00 AM. During this time we gather together for a service designed to draw us into a time of worship. This time of worship is to help us draw closer in our relationship and walk with Jesus Christ. In our service we follow a long-held tradition of playing instruments and singing great gospel music and hymns as a congregation, meaningful prayer, listening to the playing and singing of wonderful special music and hearing the word of God preached and proclaimed.

The time before, between and after the services is a time that we use for friendly, meaningful fellowship one with another.

Sunday Night

Our Sunday night service kicks off at 5:30 PM with a time of prayer. This is a great time to bring your prayer needs, prayers for the lost and prayers for the sick, and join with other Christian believers to bring them to the altar before the Lord.

At 6:00 PM we have our Pastor led bible study. After a few congregational songs and occasionally some special music by one or more of our members, we discuss topics from the Bible dealing with topics relevant to living as a Christian in this current world. We often use this time for in-depth, verse by verse study of the books of the bible.


G-Force Kids

If your up for a fun and exciting evening in the middle of the week, drop on by for G-Force Kids on Wednesday night. For kids, there is no funner place to be on a Wednesday night, and for adults the experience of watching these kids having good clean fun and all the while growing in their knowledge of the Lord and scripture is priceless.

We kick G-Force Kids night off at 5:30 PM, in the fellowship hall, with prayer and a kid-friendly meal. At 6:00PM we move to the sanctuary where we have our opening ceremonies that include prayer, pledges and a short time for the pastor to share with the children. After this, the children go with their leaders to their designated classes for large group, small group, and games.

Bottom line; if you enjoy meaningful, enriching fellowship with other Christian believers, worshipful gospel music, and spirit-filled messages brought by God called, spirit-filled preachers, then drop on by and give us a visit.

Calvary Baptist Church