Sermons on Prayer

Sermons on Prayer

Flames from Heaven | Elijah’s Fiery Faith

There’s no story more vivid in its demonstration of God’s divine power than when Elijah called down fire from Heaven on Mount Carmel. The prophets of Baal had been given their chance – all day they’d pleaded and cried out to their god, but silence was their only answer. And then there was Elijah, alone in his faith, facing the mocking crowd and the silent altar. It’s here we witness an exceptional act of trust. Elijah didn’t just pray for…

Untamed Faith | Treading the Waves of Doubt

This profound message speaks to the heart of our human journey, resonating deeply with the account from Mathew 14:22-33. At the core of this narrative is the age-old tussle between faith and doubt, a struggle I believe each one of us grapples with in life’s stormy seas. In the Biblical account, Peter, full of faith, steps out onto the water to meet Jesus. However, the moment he lets fear and doubt seep into his heart, he begins to sink. It’s…

The Cost of Freedom | A Memorial Day Reflection

The Cost of Freedom: A Memorial Day Reflection, based on John 15:8-13, is a stirring, heartfelt tribute to the dual pillars of our freedom—our brave American soldiers, and the unparalleled sacrifice of Christ Himself. It’s an evocative narrative that weaves together a sense of patriotic reverence with an underlying spiritual message of love and sacrifice. John’s verse serves as the guiding light for this reflection: “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”…
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