Sept 2018, East Africa

Sept 2018, East Africa

Ernie Hopper with African PreachersDear Brethren,

Greetings again from East Africa. This last month, I was able to visit two new churches which were started by already existing ones here. It’s wonderful to witness churches’ multiplication.

There are 7 new preacher students coming out of these churches and others who are joining our Bible Institute. I’m going to hold special seminars for them to get them caught up with the class we started last May. It will take until the end of the year but then in January, we will combine the two small classes to make one larger one. I’m excited about it. Last month we held our annual ABA (African Baptist Association). This one met in Naivasha, about 50 miles out of Nairobi. It was well-attended with messengers coming from the eastern to the western coasts of Kenya. Even our churches in South Ernie Hopper Teaching ClassSudan were represented. These meetings are like large seminars. This year the theme was the importance of proper baptism. Some of the fruit of it is that the host church now has 10 people scheduled for baptism on the 7th of Oct. Praise the Lord!

Our Bible Institute seminars have gone on as scheduled. In Ernie Hopper with African Childrenthe past 2 months, we’ve hosted them in South Sudan, Uganda and three here in Kenya. The school is the catalyst for our growth. I still haven’t purchased a replacement for the car I lost last April. I’ll wait until January for that. Cissy and I will be coming to the USA the end of Sept. I’ll be able to visit a few churches, state meetings, conferences and such. Thanks to all of you who are having a part in this ministry.

Yours for Christ in E. Africa, E.D.H

Calvary Baptist Church