John Deaton

John Deaton

Bro. John Deaton has been the devoted Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church since January 2004. Bro. John has been happily married to his loving wife, Kristi, since October 25th, 1997.

Calvary is honored to be the first and only church that Bro. John has pastored, and we are immensely grateful for the countless blessings his leadership and his wonderful family have brought to our congregation over the years. Bro. John’s fervent passion for our church, the wider community, and the preaching of God’s Word is truly inspiring. His unwavering commitment to reaching lost souls and guiding them toward salvation is a testament to the love and dedication that defines Calvary Baptist Church.

I am so thankful for God’s wonderful grace, for by it I am saved and free from the bondage of sin. Not yet perfect, but completely forgiven and loved.

Bro. John Deaton

Christian education

Bro. John and his wife Kristi have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to Christian education, both having attended Gethsemane Bible Institute. In 2008, Bro. John earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, while Kristi graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies. Their dedication to learning continued as Bro. John returned to GBI, achieving his Master’s Degree in Theology in 2020. This strong foundation in theological education underscores their passion for serving God and enriching the lives of those in the Calvary Baptist Church community.

other initiatives

In addition to his pastoral duties, Bro. John actively collaborates with the staff at Gethsemane Bible Institute to expand their correspondence program by incorporating satellite schools, video, and online learning. This initiative aims to provide pastors and Christians worldwide with access to affordable, biblically sound, secondary education. Through his dedication to sharing knowledge and resources, Bro. John exemplifies his commitment to empowering others in their spiritual growth and service to God.

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