Obedience Brings Fellowship – The Joy of Obedience | Day 3

Obedience Brings Fellowship – The Joy of Obedience | Day 3

Day 3: Obedience Brings Fellowship

He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

John 14:21 (KJV)

Reflection: In this scripture, Jesus draws a direct line between obedience and intimate fellowship with Him. Obedience is not about earning Jesus’s love; rather, it’s about residing in the love that the Father already has for us. It’s in this active love that Jesus reveals Himself to us, allowing for a deeper relationship with Him.

Illustration: When you receive a guest in your home, you prepare and clean because you desire to welcome them properly. In the same way, when we follow God’s commandments, we prepare our hearts to receive Jesus, who comes to us and makes Himself known.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help us to cherish Your commandments and to keep them as a sign of our love. We seek a deeper fellowship with You and rejoice in the love You have promised to show us when we walk in obedience. Let Your presence be ever manifested in our lives. Amen.






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