Holiness – Stepping Stones of Faith | Day 2

Holiness – Stepping Stones of Faith | Day 2

Day 2: Holiness

Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

1 Peter 1:16  (KJV)

Reflection: This verse is an invitation and a command from God, calling us to reflect His purity. Our pursuit of holiness isn’t just an act of obedience but an imitation of God’s nature. When we choose holiness, we choose God, and we create space for Him to reveal His wonders.

Illustration: Imagine a mirror reflecting the light of the sun. The cleaner and purer the mirror, the brighter and more accurate the reflection. That’s our goal – to reflect God’s holiness accurately.

Prayer: Lord, help us strive for holiness, reflecting Your nature in our words and deeds. Let Your light shine through us, illuminating the world around us. Amen.


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