Hearing His Voice – Are Your Lamps Ready? | Day 5

Hearing His Voice – Are Your Lamps Ready? | Day 5

Day 5: Hearing His Voice

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

John 10:27  (KJV)

Reflection: Listening is an active part of faith; it’s not merely hearing but obeying. We are Christ’s sheep, and He is our Shepherd. Our ability to hear His voice comes from an intimate relationship built on trust, love, and active engagement with His Word.

Illustration: Think about how a pet dog recognizes the voice of its owner. Even if there are multiple people calling, the dog knows whom to go to. Similarly, amidst life’s noise, we should be so attuned to Christ that we can pick out His voice.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, make us so familiar with Your voice that even in a world full of distractions, we can hear You calling and willingly follow. Amen.







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